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Kitchen Overkill: 10 Sleek Culinary Essentials That Go Above and Beyond

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For those with a thing for beautiful objects and cool gadgets, don't sleep on upgrading your kitchen with a few culinary-related pieces that do it better. We rounded up 10 of our favorite unnecessary (but also totally necessary) pieces: 

THAT! Inventions Deluxe Ice Cream Scooper, $39

Who knew an ice scream scooper could have so much sex appeal? Not only does it feature a contemporary design that adds cool points to any kitchen but it's clad with a unique thermal capacitive handle that transmits the perfect amount of heat to the scoop without melting the ice cream. And magically, it does so without batteries or wires or plugs. (But possibly witchcraft.)

Ratio Automatic Coffee Maker, $696 

The sleekest automatic coffee maker on the market just got even better with this new all-black-everything colorway that adds a special dash of cool to any kitchen countertop. And on top of looking great, its one-button operation provides Kuerig-level easiness to your morning brews without the plastic pods.

SALE: Finex Cast Iron Skillet, $129, (Usually $195)

Cast iron is the king of cookware for a reason – it's amazing. The only problem? They all, more or less, look exactly the same. Fortunately for those who value aesthetics and great design, Portland-based Finex released a modernized version of the kitchen staple that features an octagon shape and an innovative spring handle that not just looks beautiful but stays cool longer.

Blackline Rolling Pin, $230

Minimalistic, display-worthy, sustainably harvested, hand-carved from white oak. This ain't your grandmother's rolling pin.

THAT! Inventions The Deluxe Meat Thawing Board, $79

The wire-free and battery-free Deluxe Meat Thawing Board from THAT! Inventions turns your meats from frozen-to-the-bone to grill-ready in just 10 minutes thanks to an internal thermal liquid that removes the cold from the food and replaces it with heat. And unlike the microwave or hot water trick, this keeps all the flavors and freshness that your food deserves.

L'Atelier Du Vin Oeno Wine Pull, $160 

Why shouldn't your wine opener be both ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing? When splurging on nice bottles, make the whole experience feel right with this gorgeous wine pull

Yamazaki Tower Rolling Storage, $58

This portable storage unit can easily move with you in the kitchen and makes for a great addition to the setup, especially if you have unused space between an appliance and cabinetry. 

Kanso Hiku Coffee Grinder, $235

A display-worthy coffee grinder for the design set, this channels the energy of vintage cameras and classic watches with its unique look and luxe construction. 

Stelton Collar Tea Infuser, $28

This sleek tea infuser looks great in the kitchen and in the mug and is a perfect addition to the morning routine if you advocate for loose leaf tea. 

Hinoki S1 Gyuto Chefs Knife, $400

Forged by hand by a Master Bladesmith in Osaka from pure carbon White Steel #1, this achingly beautiful knife is a chef favorite for those in the know.