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Diversify Your Summer Cocktail Game With This Go-To Aperitif

Save the whiskey on the rocks for sweater weather.

The heatwaves are officially here, which calls for you to switch up your drinking game. Summer cocktails are traditionally supposed to be lighter in flavor, lesser in alcohol, cut with something refreshing, and keep you in the game all party long.

For us, Contratto is the ideal aperitif. You can drink it on the rocks, but it's traditionally meant to be mixed with soda or a dry sparkling wine. Alternatively, you can always add vodka or gin and vermouth to Contratto for a makeshift version of a Negroni. 

Pick up a bottle (or go to a well-stocked watering hole) and take the following for a test run:

  • One part Contratto
  • One part dry sparkling wine
  • Pour over ice in a balloon wine glass 
  • Turn things up with one shot of gin if necessary, which will also bring out its herbal characteristics
  • Rim glass with orange slice

It's a smooth, sophisitacted choice for anything from pool parties to dinner parties to rooftop parties. Enjoy.