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Upgrade Your Mornings With This Selection of Sleek, Effective Coffee Essentials

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Whether you're a seasoned at-home barista or trying to step up your game and graduate from the school of Keurig and Mr. Coffee machines, Hario — founded in the early 1990s but with less of a footprint in the states — is the brand to know.

The company offers a mix of coffee and tea products considered to be "the golden goose of consumer goods." That's because they're not only aesthetically beautiful but effective, affordable, built to last, and beloved among professionals.

Everything from their Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher ($74 USD) to their Electric Drip Kettle ($50 USD) to their Ceramic Coffee Mill ($62 USD) is a great play, depending on your needs. And each is sure to upgrade your kitchen space from a design perspective if that's important to you.

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