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The Glenlivet Enigma Is the Best Kind of Mystery

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Last year, The Glenlivet unleashed a cool new limited edition whisky called The Glenlivet Code that required connoisseurs to unlock its tasting notes and cask information through a string of digital means.

They're back with another mystery bottle for 2019 – The Glenlivet Enigma – but they're doing things a bit differently this time around. For any information on its distilling and aging processes, you'll have to guess the mystery liquid’s taste, feel and finish and then put your palate to the test through a series of difficult online crossword puzzles straight out of a Scotch-fueled codebreaking mission in a 007 or Kingsman romp. It's a little playful for such a tradition-obsessed industry but we're here for it and love the chance they're taking with the release.

Set to drop on July 10 with a $129 price point, you can get your online order in here if this sounds like your thing.