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This Genius Device Can Rapidly Chill Fresh Coffee Without Dilution

Basically, it's magic.

So, you're an ice coffee kind of person.

You're either spending a delusional amount of money at local coffee shops or massively struggling to chill your brew at home while it splashes, spills, and dilutes your precious burst of caffeine. 

Thankfully, there's a solution. It's something called the HyperChiller, which does exactly what its name implies.

It uses a clever three-chamber system, two full of frozen water and one chamber sandwiched in between for the coffee. This, within 90 seconds or less, can chill your coffee by over 130°F, which is the equivalent of adding 30 ice cubes to your cup at once.

It's not just coffee it can handle, it's any kind of liquid that needs chilling fast. Warm beer need to get ice cold? Done. What about some chilled whiskey without dilution? Easy. Want to get that bottle of rosé extra chilly? You get the idea.

On top of all that, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to add to your kitchen – it's somehow only $25. Yeah, for real.