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How To Master Day-Drinking Like An Italian

White pants and linen blazer not included.

Day-drinking is an art form that takes years and usually several hangovers to master. Drinking five straight whiskeys on a 90 degree day is totally your constitutional right, but keeping your cool well into the night after making such a bold decision is actually quite challenging. If anyone knows leisure, class, and day-drinking – it's the Italians. 

The Negroni originated in Florence, originally a spin-off of a cocktail called the Americano, but with the suggestion of adding gin instead of soda-water. The base is Campari, which falls under the category of "Apertif" –  on the light side of cocktails, dry in flavor, and originally meant to stimulate the appetite. Campari is about 20% alcohol compared to the 40% in whisky, so technically you can drink two of these for every one whiskey, keeping you in the game. 

By blending this classic Italian cocktail with crushed ice you get the best element of a frozen margarita but the classic cool of Italian day-drinking. 

Here's what you need:

  • 8 oz Gin
  • 8 oz Campari
  • 8 oz antica vermouth
  • 24 oz ice

Here's how to make:

  • Blend in high speed until smooth
  • Pour into 8 rocks glass
  • Rim your glass with orange peel and use same orange peel for garnish 
  • Drink immediately 

If a Florence trip isn't on the horizon and your cocktail-making skills are questionable, Alta Linea, a New York City restaurant, have the best around town. Meet you there?