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Parts Unknown and Raw Craft host Anthony Bourdain recently held an AMA on Reddit where he charismatically answered a handful of questions. 

His take on food trends he wants to see die quickly was particularly Bourdain-y:

I would like to see the pumpkin spice craze drowned in its own blood. Quickly.

Juice. I don't understand the juice cleanse. I mean, if you've ever had a colonoscopy, the doctor gives you something that will cleanse you right quick, so I don't really understand juice cleanses.

I believe celiac disease is a very serious ailment, and if you're diagnosed with it, I'm pleased that there are now gluten-free options, but these people who are treating gluten as, you know – an equivalent of Al Qaeda – are worrying to me. So, I'm uneasy about that.

Also, overuse of the word "artisanal." You know, an artisanal potato chip? What does that mean other than it's an expensive potato chip?

Oh, I'm also no big fan of the judgmental barista and beer nerds. I mean, I like a good craft, but don't make me feel bad about my beer choices. You know what kind of beer I like? I like cold beer.

Amen. Bourdain also touched on culinary trends he'd like to see gain popularity:

I would like people to pay more for top-quality Mexican food. I think it's the most undervalued, underappreciated world cuisine with tremendous, tremendous potential. These are in many cases really complex, wonderful sauces; particularly from Oaxaca, for instance, that date back from before Europe. I'm very excited about the possibilities for that cuisine, and I think we should pay more attention to it, learn more about it, and value it more. This is frankly a racist assumption that Mexican food or Indian food should be cheap. That's not right.

Now excuse us as we run out for a bite.....