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This Cast Iron Skillet Is Lighter Than a MacBook – and 30% Off

Cast irons skillets are amazing. You know it. I know it. We all know it. The only downside? They feel more like an oddly shaped kettlebell than a cooking essential. These things are heavy. Thankfully for everyone who likes to cook up a storm without breaking an unnecessary sweat, The Field Skillet has arrived. 

After extensive product development, the team behind the project was able to produce a proper cast iron skillet that's 25-50% lighter than the other options on the market without compromising performance. To put that in perspective, a 13" MacBook weighs than this thing. 

The skillet also has a uniquely smooth cooking surface that can handle delicate foods like eggs with ease, comes pre-seasoned and ready for culinary pursuits right out of the box and works on all cooktops, including gas range, induction and electric.

The Field Skillet is typically a cool $100 but you can get it for just $70 by using the code "skillet" at checkout for a limited time.