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An Irish Whiskey Staple Overhauls With Re-Design and Re-Branding

When it comes to bottle design, Irish whiskey has long lagged behind the likes of Scotch, Bourbon and Japanese, which means it gets left off a lot of style-conscious home bars. After all, if you've gone to the trouble to curate a beautifully designed interior, who wants an unattractive bottle of booze creating an eyesore?

Now, however, thanks to a re-design and re-branding, one of the best affordable Irish whiskies is now also one of the best looking: Dubliner Irish Whiskey, the cult spirit from Dublin Liberties Distillery, part of the Quintessential Brands Group.

Distilled in the heart of the Liberties District of Dublin, their core product is a three-year-old single malt and grain Irish whiskey aged in bourbon casks, and they now offer The Dubliner Whiskey & Honeycomb, an acclaimed whiskey liqueur as well.

The brand's new logo and bottle design, created by an all-Irish team, forgoes traditional packaging in favor of "an updated contemporary look and feel that authentically taps into our genuine and unpretentious, yet premium, personality," as they put it.

It also reflects the modern renaissance of Dublin, "a city undergoing a revival spearheaded by Millennials and younger creatives," i.e. the next generation of whiskey connoisseurs. 

To celebrate the new branding and packaging, Dubliner Whiskey is rolling out a new advertising campaign, for which it is partnering with Irish hip hop duo Tebi Rex, hoping to raise awareness amongst consumers in the U.S. The first step, of course, is trying some of it yourself. So Sláinte, as they say in the Emerald Isle.