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As beautiful as the fancy-schmancy coffee solutions can be, convenience is always king, and turning to a Keurig on a daily basis is not something to be ashamed of.

If you're a fellow addict, you know there are two unfortunate downsides to this caffeine fix:

  • Store-bought coffee pods are never fresh
  • You're almost always running out of supply

Cups is here to change that.

The LA-based coffee upstart sources “specialty-grade” coffee that’s hand-picked at peak ripeness for the kind of roast that makes early mornings a little more blissful.

Packaged into recyclable K-Cup pods, they deliver it to your door within days of being roasted and even throw in some high-quality to-go cups and lids at no extra cost.

No long lines. No expensive cups of joe. No 35-minute artisanal-healing-stone-mustache-twirling-leather-apron-slow-drip-pour nonsense. Just good, fresh coffee paired with the convenience of your push button brewer.

They're currently taking pre-orders through Kickstarter but you won't have to wait until next summer to enjoy – each purchase will ship in just three weeks. Sign us up....