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Cooper & Thief and Billykirk Team Up on Mixology Kit

Mischievous California wine brand Cooper & Thief joined forces with Billykirk on a Bartender Bag filled with a full set of cocktail tools. 

But why are winemakers making a bag for non-wine drinks? It's just their personality. Cooper & Theif are known for breaking all the right rules, famously aging their wine in ex-whiskey barrels and constantly experimenting in ways that go against the grain. Advocating for a nightcap instead of a glass of red is totally in their wheelhouse.

The mixology kit itself is made from full-grain leather and features a reinforced bottom and secret leather flap for tucking away a bottle of wine discreetly. It's also finished with hand-hammered copper handle rivets for additional style and durability.

Is it a must-have? Not exactly. But if you know anyone who loves Cooper & Thief wine, it makes for a fantastic gift.