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Dress Up Your Liquor Shelf with Semiprecious Stone Stoppers


A liquor shelf is like a city skyline. (“We’re aiming for good back-shelf visibility,” the master distiller of a new gin told us last year by way of explaining his brand’s tall bottle with its label placed high.) Just as some city skylines are more photogenic than others, some bar libraries have a coherence others lack. Here’s a debonair way to pull your home bar together: bottle stoppers in semiprecious materials including obsidian, tumbled amethyst, and alligator quartz from ANNA by RabLabs.

While the obsidian stopper retains its sharp angles, the tiger’s eye is suave and smooth to the touch.

"The luminosity of each tiger’s eye bottle stopper changes according to how the light hits it,” designer Anna Rabinowicz says. “It is comprised of layers of stone deposited over millions of years.” Add one (or three) of these things to your cart ASAP.