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The Portland-based team at Sommi Wine Cellars designed and handcrafted this strikingly beautiful wine refrigerator that will seriously elevate any space lucky enough to house it. 

The unit features two separate refrigerated areas, each able to hold up to 18 bottles. This is ideal for the person who needs to split their collection in two, with ready-to-drink bottles chilled at 39° and special occasion wines set at 55°, the proper temperature for long-term storage.

In addition to the two fridges, the middle cabinet stashes everything from your stemware and openers to a few bottles of single malt you don't want guests spotting.

All in all, it's a super impressive package for the gentleman wine collector who appreciates clean lines and modern good looks. Made-to-order and shipped to your door within 6-8 weeks, get in touch with their team directly if you'd like to acquire