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This $13,000 Asprey Cocktail Shaker Is a Tribute to Stylish Winter Sports

Ritzy ski resort style.

A super-fancy shaker likely won't improve your cocktails any. But it will help them be much more fun to make. Asprey of London, the venerable gift and jewelry emporium founded in 1781, has come out with one of the most impressive examples we've ever seen

Called "The Bobsleigh," it was inspired by the famous bobsleigh (bobsled) course in St. Moritz, Switzerland where the Olympic winter sport originated in the 1870s. 

The main body of the shaker slots into place in the chassis section resembling a vintage bobsled, complete with racing stripes in colored enamel, which can be customized to your specifications. 

At $13,550 it's certainly a major investment in mixology, but it does hold a full liter of spirits so think of it as an entire party in the palm of your hand. 

Luxe Swiss chalet recommended but not absolutely essential....