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The Gorgeously Designed Cast Iron Skillet Your Kitchen Deserves

Cook up a storm in style.

By now, you probably know all the benefits of a cast iron skillet. They're practically indestructible, last for decades and decades, can be used on the stovetop or in the oven, and elevate the taste of pretty much everything.

You also probably know that most of them look nearly identical.

For those who appreciate good design and eating like a king, Nest Homeware is here to save the day.

The small, Rhode Island-based cookware company crafts USA-made cast iron skillets with beautiful, distinct handles modeled after a cherry branch. It's a unique design choice that separates it from the pack of clones and adds a serious touch of cool and class. We dig it.

Normally, these guys are priced around $140 each, but we found them on sale for only $120. Bon appétit...