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Buffalo Trace Unveils New Weller Single Barrel Bourbon

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Buffalo Trace just announced a new addition to its famed Weller bourbon line, Weller Single Barrell. Drawn from a single oak cask, the annual release is bottled at 97 proof and set to land at liquor stores this June. Official tasting notes from Buffalo Trace describe it as having a nose of "cherry and mint, fading to vanilla" with a palate of "caramel and baking spices with hints of cocoa" and a finish of "cinnamon, coffee, and a hint of pepper.” 

And though its price is set at $49, Weller's shared DNA with Pappy Van Winkle (same wheated mash bill and same distillery) has made the line a hot commodity amongst bourbon enthusiasts, skyrocketing aftermarket pricing. Those with a great relationship with their local luxury liquor shop might be able to score one at MSRP but most should expect to pay three to four times that to get a bottle in the home bar.