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Buffalo Trace Unveils New Installment of the Old Charter Oak Series

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Looking for a new bourbon to try? Buffalo Trace just launched the fourth installment of their Old Charter Oak series, Chinkapin Oak.

The special edition bourbon is aged in Chinkapin Oak barrels featuring staves that were air-dried 24 months, which is four to eight times longer than the typical process. This allows the whiskey to extract richer, more complex flavors while caramelizing wood sugar and reducing some of the tannic flavors. Tasting notes from the distillery describe it as having “a nose of cherries and spearmint with hints of floral with fresh herbs and honey on the palate before a finish of warm baking spices, followed by dark chocolate.”

Bottled at 93 proof with a suggested retail price of $70, expect to see this on store shelves (including online shops) soon.