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Spending time at home doesn't mean you have to settle for stale grocery market coffee thanks to Bixby Roasting Co. and their delivery model, which sends fresher and better beans right to your door for the same price as the usual suspects.

They offer gourmet whole beans and fresh ground coffee, of course, as well as fresh-packed Keurig compatible pods and steeped single-serve coffee bags filled with their 100% specialty coffee. "However you make your coffee is how we make your coffee," they say.

The quality is just right as well, providing basic blends that lap anything on the grocery store shelf at $12 as well as certified organic single-origin options at $18. They also offer the finest decaf option on the market at $15, which uses a special Swiss water process for an extraordinarily smooth cup.

And on top of single purchases — including a $5 first order — they offer a subscription program ideal for the cup-every-morning drinker. Head here to give it a go and make sure to use the code "AIROWS" at checkout for 10% off your order and free shipping.