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The Salvaged Walnut Cutting Board Every Grown Man Kitchen Requires

Upgrade your culinary gear with this quick purchase.
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A man's kitchen should not be ignored. 

After graduating from George Foreman grills and microwavable meals, it's time to replace the plastic cutting board with something you'll be proud to have on display.

Enter – Taylor Stitch's beautiful 100% salvaged walnut chopping boards.

One-of-a-kind pieces, every board has a different natural beauty, with a varying degree of knots, blemishes and color.

Handmade in Santa Rosa, California, a city with a beautiful intersection of food, art, and folk culture, these are the basically the opposite of the machine-manufactured and mass-produced cutting boards you'll find at run-of-the-mill department stores.

Prices range from $150–$160 depending on size, a small price to pay for something that will not only dress up your kitchen, but help you cook up a storm more efficiently