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Fellow might have launched as a humble Kickstarter brand back in 2015 but they've since turned into a leading force in the coffee world, producing some of the sleekest and stylish (not to mention effective) products in the category. And they're back with a new winner that's sure to upgrade your AMs.

The Carter Move Mug is made specifically for caffeine enthusiasts on the go, with thoughtful detailing that elevates it from the standard issue. First, there's a snap-in splash guard that prevents it from splashing on commutes to works and early morning dog walks alike. Second, its tapered and thin lip is ultra-satisfying to drink out of. There, its ceramic coating leaves no metallic taste. Fourth, its slim width means it fits comfortably into not just car cup holders but backpack water bottle sleeves. And lastly, its double-wall vacuum technology locks in the heat.

Make the right move and grab one for yourself right here. Multiple sizes and styles are available. And if you're looking to score a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift early, this is a great play.