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When the mercury finally starts to climb skyward we push our brandy and whiskey to the back shelf and head to the liquor store for some warmer weather spirits. Follow our lead and keep your bar stocked with these 10 essentials and you're guaranteed a gorgeous summer no matter what the weather does.

1.) Pimm's No. 1

The British have been drinking Pimm's Cups for nearly 200 years. We have a lot of catching up to do.

2.) Campari

An absolute essential for creating proper aperitivos. This is simply sprezaturra in a glass.

3. Gosling's Black Seal

The only rum you can possibly use for making Dark'N'Stormys – or our own variation, the Light'N'Stormy, substituting pineapple juice for ginger beer.

4.) Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin

Every year we like to add something new to the repertoire, and this amazing barrel aged gin made by hand in Vermont is our new summer essential.

5.) Mount Gay Eclipse Rum

You can make classic daiquiris or mix this iconic tipple with tonic, mint and lime. Trust us.

6.) Sailor Jerry Rum

Makes a mean Planter's Punch as well as a wide variety of tiki drinks. Just be sure to get a set of ceramic skull mugs for full enjoyment.

7.) Absolut Citron

No longer as trendy as when first introduced in 1988, but still absolutely perfect chilled to sub-zero in a shot glass or over ice with a slice of lemon.

8.) Casamigos

Tequila selection, like gin (see below), is a matter of taste, but this is our go-to. And it always looks great on the bar.

9.) Bombay Original Dry Gin

You need a good, simple gin for G&Ts and martinis as well as to add to your Campari for Negronis. For 250 years and counting Bombay has been doing it right.

10.) Cointreau

Not something you drink on its own necessarily, but essential for margaritas and a few other classic cocktails. Timeless elegance incarnate.