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The Best Tough-as-Nails Flask and Tumbler Set Just Got Better

The problem with a lot of flasks is at the end of the day they're just too flimsy for any real activity; easily dented, or the caps stop screwing on properly, leaving you thirsty at critical moments. Nix that with High Camp's Firelight Flask, which just added a handsome leather holster and is every bit as rugged as it sounds.

The stainless steel beast has a leakproof seal and is made to withstand anything you or the great outdoors can throw at it. The best part, however, is the built-in tumblers, also crafted of steel and like the container itself are double-wall vacuum-insulated, so you don't have to swig from the flask itself like some kind of savage. Plus they magnetically attach to the flask so there's no danger of them going astray. The ultimate flask in other words. And if you don't use it for anything stronger than coffee, we won't tell.