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15 Tasty Provisions That Will Add Some Flair to Your Pantry

Spending time at home doesn’t mean you need to keep staring at the same pantry staples each time you open your cabinets. Here are a few of our favorites products to perk up your culinary routine:  

BOS Iced Tea [Amazon]

BOS was born in South Africa, the only place where rooibos grows, a plant rich with antioxidants. Flavors include peach, yuzu, and lime-ginger.


Creating a “luxury lifestyle hot sauce” was the goal of TRUFF, company co-founder Nick Guillen tells AIROWS. They’ve succeeded in a superb and tasty way. TRUFF is made with chili peppers, black truffle essence, and agave nectar from Jalisco. “We have a professional mycologist on our team, and she helps us formulate the truffle aspect of the formula,” he says.

Soberdough Artisan Brew Bread [Amazon]

It’s as if they read your mind: dump a bag of this tasty bread mix into a bowl, add a bottle of beer, stir, and bake. Flavors include Sea Salt and Pepper, Cinnamon Swirl, and Green Chile Cheddar. Each bag comes with a list of recommended beers to use: Michelob or a Pale Ale for the Roasted Garlic loaf, hard cider for the Apple Fritter bread, and club soda for non-drinkers.

Port of Mokha Coffee [Amazon]

If you’re a coffee guy, now may be a time to treat yourself to something special. Port of Mokha is a natural-process coffee (with a great back-story), sourced from rare varietals only grown in Yemen. The plants are grown at among the highest elevation in the world coffee can grow, which makes for a nuanced final product.

Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Flake Sea Salt

Jacobsen is one of the few American salt makers, hand-harvesting sea salt from the Oregon coast. Their salts have a crisp, briny taste. A pinch of their Pure Flake Sea Salt on your steak or roasted potatoes will have you wondering where this stuff has been all your life.

Warm Springs Farm Olive Oil

This extra virgin olive oil from a family property in the hills of Northern California has been quietly racking up awards at trade show tasting competitions for several years now.

Fuego Sauce Co. Hot Hive Spicy Honey [Amazon]

Hot Hive Spicy Honey gives a sweet kick to a bowl of wings or even a grilled cheese sandwich.

Mango Habanero Beef Jerky [Amazon]

The Country Archer guys have been crafting jerky for over 40 years. Their Mango Habanero flavor hits just the right spot: a little sweet, a little hot.

BSC Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce

This small-batch hot sauce from Bushwick Sauce Company is made with organic scorpion peppers, roasted purple carrots, roasted garlic, and honey.

Monograno Felicetti Pasta [Amazon]

This isn’t your mom’s supermarket shopping-list spaghetti. Monograno Felicetti is something special, made from a single variety of wheat grown in the pure air at the base of the Dolomites in northeastern Italy.

Pappy & Company Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

This delicious American maple syrup is aged in retired Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels. Need we say more...?

Bourbon Smoked Pepper [Amazon]

Meet your new favorite spice: black peppercorns smoked with wood from Kentucky Bourbon casks. When you see this on your shelf, you’ll be tempted to open the tin now and then just to inhale a whiff of the mouth-watering scent.

Waterloo Sparkling Water [Amazon]

LaCroix might be the world's most popular flavored sparkling water right now but we much prefer Waterloo, which not only tastes better but isn't clad with packaging design better left in 1995.

Sonoma Syrup [Amazon]

At least a couple of Sonoma Syrup Company’s knockout flavors deserve a spot in your fridge and bar. We recommend the Vanilla Bean Infused Simple Syrup, made with Madagascar Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla beans. Add a spoonful to sweeten coffee or half an ounce when mixing a Bourbon cocktail.

Coop's MicroCreamery Hot Fudge

This small-batch hot fudge is handmade from European chocolate and local dairy ingredients and is free of preservatives, corn syrup, and anything artificial. A better way to indulge.