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5 Jerkys That are a Cut Above

New fave flaves for your pantry and backpack.

We were invited to attend the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, an industry-only event showcasing the latest in specialty food products.

In lieu of experiencing something called gluten-free quinoa pasta (maybe next time) we decided to focus on jerky. Here are a few standouts.


The secret to the tender consistency of Lawless jerky is that they replace vinegar with pineapple juice concentrate in the curing process. In addition to several beef varieties (including Japanese Curry and Mango Habanero), try the Lawless BBQ spare rib pork jerky, inspired by a Szechuan recipe.

Field Trip

The Field Trip guys (Tom, Matt and Scott) have added meat sticks to their product lineup: grass fed, high-protein, portable meat snacks.

Fusion Asian-Style Jerky

Fusion makes standout flavors including rosemary citrus turkey jerky and basil citrus beef jerky from decades-old family recipes. The special cooking process makes for a soft texture.

Chef's Cut

Chef’s Cut was founded by an executive chef and a pro golfer who met on the course. The chef’s expertise is evident in the premium ingredients and amped-up flavors while being lower in sodium than many competitors. The perfectly seasoned buffalo style chicken jerky is like your favorite wings, minus the fat.

Ascend Jerky

All natural ingredients—no nitrites or MSG—make Ascend a clean healthy snack, in flavors like Orange Peel Pepper Beef Jerky and Bold and Smokey BBQ Beef. Ascend's latest offering, Thanksgiving Turkey Jerky, will launch later this month.