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The Best Modern Gins to Add to Your Summer Drinking Rotation

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Ditch the dry style and restrained packaging of traditional gins this summer and mix in some modern alternatives that taste better and look better. Here are three of our favorites:

Nikka Coffey Gin, $45

Nikka might be renowned for its Japanese whiskey but their gin is equally special, bringing home numerous awards since its launch in 2017. It gets its name from the traditional type of column still it uses - the Coffey Still - which was designed by Aeneas Coffey and imported to Japan by Nikka in the 1960s. In terms of taste, it delivers hints of apples followed by notes of pleasantly tangy pepper on the long finish. 94 proof.

AMASS, $50

AMASS delivers a citrus-forward "western" gin where juniper takes a back seat to bay leaf and grapefruit peel. Based in Los Angeles and new to the scene, the bottle is particularly stylish too. 90 proof.

Monkey 47, $42

Monkey 47 mixes a blend of 47 botanicals (hence the name) from the heart of the Black Forest and India to create a rich, powerful elixir that brings out complex hints of honey pomelo and chamomile. 94 proof.

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