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This Is the Coffee Company You've Been Waiting For

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As beautiful as the fancy-schmancy coffee solutions can be, convenience is always king, and turning to a Keurig on a daily basis is not something to be ashamed of.

If you're a fellow addict, you know there are two unfortunate downsides to this caffeine fix:

  • Store-bought coffee pods are never fresh
  • You're almost always running out of supply

Newcomer Bixby Roasting Co. is here to change that.

The LA-based coffee upstart, which offers both subscriptions and one-off shipments, sources specialty-grade coffee that’s hand-picked at peak ripeness for the kind of roast that makes early mornings a little more blissful. But here's what makes the company really interesting: they deliver it to your door within days of being roasted, not months like the other guys, and in addition to traditional options, offer their coffee in both Keurig and Nespresso pods. "However you make your coffee is how we make your coffee," they say.

Sign us up.... (And use the code "HIGH5" at checkout to only be charged $5.)