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5 Under-the-Radar NYC Spots to Drink, Dine, and Be Seen

A cliff notes city guide.

In a city where new places open every day, it's almost impossible to keep on top of what's cool. Here's a few Airows approved suggestions to check out:

1.) Bar Fortuna

Bar Fortuna is a hidden gem inside an Italian restaurant named Casa Apicii. It kind of feels like a library but with everything painted black, so to say this place is sexy is an understatement. When you walk into the restaurant, ask the hostess if there is room for drinks upstairs and maybe they will let you in. The drink menu is uniquely Negroni-centric for New York City and will not disappoint. Make sure to try some Cynar based cocktails, you'll most likely want to buy a bottle for home. 

2.) The Black Lodge

Did you know that there is a Twin Peaks themed cocktail bar in the heart of Nolita? Neither did we. Check their website for reservations, the photos look lively. 

3.) The Blond

The Blond is the coolest place in New York City right now. Deal with it. Cocktail bar til 10:00pm, nightclub til closing. 

4.) The Beekman Hotel

The Beekman Hotel is magical. Plan for nighttime drinks in the lobby bar and if you're feeling adventurous hop in the elevator to admire the view. Bring a girl, kiss her. 

5.) Kat and Theo

If you're in the mood for fancy American/Mediterranean food, check out Kat and Theo in the Flatiron district. Just look at that bar...