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Here's Why You Should Be Drinking Negronis in a Can

Except in dire circumstances, i.e. when nothing else is available, we've been resistant to the RTD, i.e, ready-to-drink trend. Convenient as they may be, on the whole, canned cocktails are neither as enjoyable nor as aesthetically pleasing as the real thing. 

Then we happened across Tip Top Cocktails, and were forced to reconsider. The Atlanta-based brand, launched in 2019, was founded by music industry veterans Neal Cohen and Yoni Reisman. After years producing large-scale events and festivals across the country, they "discovered something was missing from the market," they note: "High-quality, classic cocktails that could be enjoyed with convenience at a concert, dinner party, tailgate," the beach, or wherever you like.

Tip Top's founders, based in Atlanta, enlisted bartender and James Beard finalist Miles Macquarrie, co-owner of Atlanta hotspots Kimball House—a seven-time James Beard Foundation nominee for Outstanding Bar Program—and Watchman’s Seafood & Spirits, to help come up with the perfect recipes, and devised the ideal method for preserving them.

And while many RTDs veer into overly fruity territory, Tip Top Cocktails' Stirred range offers three timeless classics that are often overlooked by the canned cocktail crowd: The Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and best of all, Negroni. There's something immensely appealing about a Negroni that fits in your pocket.

Tip-Top's simple, retro-inspired packaging is also spot-on, reflecting the timeless elegance of cocktails like the Negroni. After all, who wants to crack open something that looks like a wine cooler in a can, or makes you look like an overgrown teenager who isn't ready for adult beverages yet? Not us.