If the only bottle opener in your kitchen is something you bought at a hotel gift ship a decade ago, it's probably time to step into the big leagues. For just that, consider the stunning Bar Blade by Manual.

Putting "ritual over routine and simplicity over novelty," the Bar Blade is a laser-cut stainless steel opener that's durable and corrosion-resistant and features a stunning leather handle natural tanned by Horween Tannery, one of the oldest and most-respected tanneries in the USA. It feels great in your hand, will develop a gorgeous patina over time, and can even slide in and out of a back pocket with ease.

It's no wonder bartenders around the world and opting for this as their go-to. Even if you're not cracking open a thousand cold ones a night, this is a great look to have in your home bar or kitchen. Currently, it's 15% off and priced at just $29, so pick one up today.