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The Better Bitters Every Home Bar Needs

Get it.

Dashfire Bitters founder Lee Egbert started his company after noticing that most bitters at cocktail bars use vodka as a base. “I’m a bit of a whiskey snob,” he tells Airows, “and I thought I’d try making it with bourbon instead, so I made a bourbon-orange bitters. It’s called # 1 because the first try just worked. That’s the formula that we still make today.”

Aged in Minnesota oak barrels in small craft batches, the line has expanded to what he calls the world’s largest selection of bitters: allspice, bay leaf, hibiscus... There are two orange bitters, including a light summer orange which uses orange flower water and cardamom rather than cinnamon.

"Mr. Lee’s Ancient Chinese Secret" bitters (add a dash to a gin cocktail like a Martinez or a Rickey) is inspired by the year-and-a-half he lived in China, and Dashfire’s latest offering, a chai bitters, by his time in India.  

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