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Beast Blender Deftly Blends Form and Function

You’ve heard of Beauty and the Beast. Meet the blender that’s both.

Beast Blender is powered by a 1000-watt motor and features super-sharp grade 301 stainless steel blades to blend whatever combo of apples, carrots, leafy greens, nuts, frozen berries, or protein powder you toss into your favorite smoothie. Even just sitting on your kitchen counter, the thing is eye-catching. To take your juice on the road the company also makes a portable Hydration System that doubles as an infuser.

An example of the ingenuity behind the design: when you press the button for a one-minute cycle the gizmo blends for 20 seconds at 18,000 rpm, then slows down briefly to allow the contents to settle a bit, then all-in for 25 seconds followed by one last round of slow/full force. The effect is like an action movie where the hero, having pummeled the bad guy into submission lets up just long enough to make you think maybe he’s showing mercy before delivering the final knockout.

Available here in carbon black, white, or grey.