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Basil Hayden Launches Brown Rice-Based Bourbon Expression

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Charred oak barrels might be standard practice for distilling whiskey but Basil Hayden (formally Basil Hayden's) is opting for toasted barrels with its new Basil Hayden Toast expression.

Confectionery notes like vanilla and caramelized sugar are brought out by simply heating, or "toasting," new American oak barrels, rather than charring them black. This, usually, adds up to an easier, less assertive bourbon. The barrel curveball is met with a remixed mashbill, the first in the history of Basil Hayden, which replaces rye with brown rice for less spice but more sweetness.

Like the tried and true Basil Hayden, this is well best played as a sunny afternoon sipper given it's a mere 80 proof dram and doesn't punch you in the mouth as other bourbons can do. A perfect choice for capping off a round of golf in the clubhouse, for instance, or a lazy Sunday on the back porch.  

Try a bottle here for $50 USD.