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Enjoy Your Next Steak Gaucho-Style With This Authentic Chimichurri

In Argentina every family has their recipe for chimichurri; open someone’s fridge and you’ll find a bowl of the stuff.

24-year-old Texas entrepreneur Axel Brave (whose parents were from Argentina) had a hankering to create a genuine old-school style chimichurri. “The gauchos make it with dried herbs,” he tells Airows, whereas “most families now make it with fresh herbs.” He recently launched AXEL Provisions Company which offers the traditional style that’s tangy with vinegar, oregano and bay leaf, alongside variations like a spicy Southwestern-inspired blend and a more contemporary verde.

Although he loves hearing from fans who use it as a pasta sauce or on melted cheese, Brave remembers his roots. “The traditional way to use chimichurri is to throw it on a steak after it’s done cooking.”

Tuck a jar into your saddlebag here.