This Is the Ultimate Cocktail Glass

By this time in our mixology-enriched lives, it might seem that the cocktail glass can evolve no further. That's evidently not the case, however, as the gents at Chicago glassware company Aged & Ore have just gone and reinvented the thing.

The DUO all-purpose cocktail glass, available here, is brilliant in its simplicity. First of all, it's not made of just any old glass – this is crafted of hand-blown borosilicate, a low-melting-point glass made from a mixture of silica and boric oxide. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making them more resistant to thermal shock than any garden-variety glass. Science aside, this makes for one tough tumbler.

Designed to insulate, measure, and enhance your drinking experience, some of its key features are double wall insulation, which not only keeps your drink colder longer but eliminates condensation, meaning no mess and no coasters needed, and integrated 1 oz. pour indicators so you can get an exact measure. It's also engineered to perfectly accommodate a spherical ice ball, the whisky connoisseurs' chilling method of choice as it keeps drinks colder longer without as much dilution. Mold included with glass.

Bottom's up!