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The Ultimate Guide to the World's Must-Visit Bars and Lounges

Whether he's in New York, Hong Kong, Berlin, or some more obscure locale, Belgian author, spirits connoisseur, and master sommelier Jurgen Lijcops has made it his mission to seek out the best bars on the planet. And generously, he has decided to share his knowledge with the rest of us in book form.

In 150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die, an old favorite from Belgium's Lannoo Publishers and now available to order here, Lijcops presents 150 must-visit bars and lounges that each more than qualify for the adjective "exquisite," like Toronto's Spanish-themed Bar Raval (above). 

Beyond mere beautiful design, each boîte and watering hole has a "unique story to tell," which the equally thirsty and intellectually curious Lijcops gets to the bottom of. As the founder of Antwerp's Bar Burbure, which certainly deserves a place on the list, he knows whereof he speaks (and drinks).

From historical hotspots to hidden treasures and high-end temples of mixology like London's The Alchemist (above) to more humble establishments, this is an essential book for any cocktail-loving gentleman to have on hand when planning his stylish escapades and peregrinations. 

It doesn't hurt that every single one has been beautifully photographed either. We must warn you however that even a casual browse of this book will have you frantically searching Orbitz for the next flight to, say, Negril, for a highball at Blackwell Rum Bar (above), literally built into a cave overlooking the ocean. 

These are places where you're likely to bump into James Bond or some other legendary swell, while a contingent of beautiful women are par for the course. It might be high on a skyscraper's rooftop in Asia, or the old daiquiri joint that Hemingway frequented in Havana, but each has an unmistakable allure.

And for good measure (ahem), Lijcops even includes some of the best recipes from the most delectable drinks he encountered in the course of researching the ultimate guide to stylish tippling, while the index is arranged by geographical region for ease of navigation. Bon voyage!