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Transparent Speaker by People People

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People People believes music devices are better heard not seen. This clear box provides high quality sound with a look that's appropriate for just about any decor. It has the ability to steam your iTunes/Spotify library or your favorite Pandora stations via an attached Airport Express and is made of tempered glass and aluminum. One of the more interesting aspects of this project is the opportunity to purchase it as a build-your-own-kit, allowing you to get crafty in a way you haven't gotten since you played with Legos. Of course, if that sounds more "nightmare" than "fun", you can always purchase it at a premium fully assembled.

Here's a video from the creators at People People that explains the product at more depth:




If you're interested at snagging one of these, you can pledge to their Kickstarter here. Prices start at $360 and shipment is expected for April 2013.