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A Collection of the World's Coolest Wooden Buildings

Cabin porn and then some.

Add this to your design library immediately: Philip Jodido's two-volume 100 Contemporary Wood Buildings from Taschen, exploring what architects around the world have invented and created with one of the oldest building materials, lately given new life via modern technology.

Wood is experiencing a renaissance in contemporary construction thanks to new manufacturing techniques and an emphasis on eco-friendly fabrication – plus, it looks damn cool. And it gives even the most avant-garde edifice a pleasingly retro feel.

The structures included in the book – which comes in a wooden slipcover of course – range from small cabins to large public structures and ambitious urban renewal schemes around the world. 

Along the way it pays tribute tribute to emerging international talents as well as "starchitects" like Tadao Ando to Renzo Piano who have won the world's most prestigious prizes, usually employing more "modern" materials like concrete, glass and steel.

The book also examines techniques, trends, sourcing, and milling, but above all it celebrates wood’s "enduring appeal to our senses and psyche, comforting hectic modern lives with a sense of Arcadian simplicity." Amen. 

If you want this read in your life, you can order through Amazon today for a cool $50.