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HODINKEE Relaunches, Redesigns, and Reimagines Its Print Magazine

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HODINKEE is taking on a whole new look and feel with its print magazine, which launched a few years back as an extension of the online publication and e-shop. And though it will continue to place a heavy emphasis on watches, it will also cover and connect with a wide array of categories from travel to adventure to style and beyond.

"In this magazine, we see horology as a portal into the big ideas that make the world go round," says Nick Marino, SVP of Content at HODINKEE. "Watches also provide a way to explore personal style. To ask ourselves: Who do we want to be today? And to find a timepiece that presents this specific identity to everyone we meet."

The reimagining is joined by an artful, vibrant redesign with gorgeous photography and typography on full display. Grab a copy here.