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Get an Eyeful of the Super-Cool Art Guitars at NYC's The Quin

For those about to rock.

The Quin Hotel in NYC has a long history of creativity – famous artists including Georgia O'Keefe and Marc Chagall once stayed in the storied Beaux Arts building across from Carnegie Hall when it was known as The Buckingham. 

The property, which relaunched in 2013, recently invited 14 artists from around the world to create works from classic D'Angelico archtop guitars, which were originally hand-crafted in New York’s Little Italy in the 1930s. 

The results are on display at the hotel through mid-January, with some slated to be permanent fixtures. 

Each of the artists has been an artist-in-residence at the Quin in the past, or is represented in the hotel’s permanent collection, from acclaimed street-artists such as ABOVE, Mando Marie and Nick Walker to photo-realist painters such as Eric Zener.

Rock on....