11 Modern Accessories For A Modern Bedroom

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If you're the kind of person who is more about the cool factor than the warm and cozy factor, here are a few beautiful accessories that will transform any room into a place worthy of an MTV Cribs episode. Just have a simple platform bed with all white bedding and add these things around it. You'll be set.


Double Octahedron Pedestal: A good looking nightstand that's crisp and clean. All you need room for is a small plant and an iPhone charging dock anyways.


Cord Lamp: Hang this thing somewhere in your room for a non-standard form of light. If you have some side chairs in your room, put this thing above 'em for some solid reading light.


Graphic Striped Blanket: This has such a cool and modern strip to it. Would look fantastic at the foot of your bed.


Vintage Rauschenberg Poster: Some good art in a bedroom is a must, and you could do a whole lot worse than this edgy vintage poster.


Chambray Color Blocked Pillow and Color Block Stripe Pillow: Keep your sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases nice, simple, and white, and throw a few good looking and stylish pillows on the bed to throw the whole look together. The two shown here are great options.


Hand-Blown Whiskey Glasses: We all have to have a water cup next to our bed, might as make it as stylish and cool as one of these.


Spun Metal Planet: Having a little "life" in your bedroom can only be a good thing. Get a nice plant and stick it into this thing.


Josef Albers Silkscreen Print: The art we showed above is a little on the gritty side, balance is out with this ultra-clean geometric print.


Cylinder Shape Mirror: This is a cool and sexy mirror that's just as much a piece or art as it is a tool to see yourself in. The round shape is a nice bonus too, as whenever you can get away from rectangles and sharp edges in a room, it' a good movie. That helps balance out the beds, televisions, and other necessities with those shapes.


Eames Lounge Chair: The ultimate in design, throwing one of these things in the corner of your bedroom is a guaranteed boost in interior design cool. Sure, it costs as much as a 2005 Honda Civic, but it's something you'll have forever and love for years and years.