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You Can Also Pull Off James Bond's Shades

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What kind of esteemed gentleman would you be if you didn't look to the one and only 007 for some style inspiration?

The new Bond movie Skyfall is out today and although we haven't seen it yet, the reviews have been absolutely stellar. Some high ranking critics are even saying it's the best James Bond movie in its 50 year history. Others are saying it might even be nominated for Best Picture. Incredible. We're excited.

Half the fun of these films are the toys. Though not as pricey as an Omega Seamaster or Aston Martin, these stylish sunglasses ("The Marko") from Tom Ford will make you look just as debonair and are worn by Daniel Craig throughout the flick.


They're a classic aviator style, meaning they'll look good on just about any face. It's got a bit of a modern vibe to it while stil looking like it wouldn't be out of place during the Connery era. Daniel Craig wore the silver frame/smoke blue lenses combination during the film. This works exceptionally well with his blonde hair and blue eyes, but that doesn't mean you can't sport it too if you have darker features. It also comes in three different color combinations: gunmetal/grey, gunmetal/brown and gold/green.

Made in Italy, a pair of these will set you back just under $400. A small price to pay to look like an international man of mystery.