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Here's What to Watch After Netflix's 'Lupin'

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Netflix has a hit on their hands with Lupin, the buzzy French caper series that kicks off with a heist at The Louvre. And if you flew through the first run of episodes, don't miss the related (somewhat, at least) animated movie.

Lupin III: The First is a Japanese 3DCG anime movie from 2019, which is based on the classic franchise created by Monkey Punch that focuses on the grandson of gentleman thief Arsène Lupin. It's a swashbuckling, technically magical experience that's one part James Bond, one part Indiana Jones. And if you loved the vibes of the Netflix series, you'll love this.

Unfortunately, it's not yet streaming on any major platform. But you can rent ($4.99 USD) or own ($14.99 USD) with ease via Amazon Video.