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The Most Anticipated Films of 2014

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Here's a top 10 list of films to get thrilled for in 2014. Sure, some of these won't be Oscar contenders come award season or even make the majority of cinephiles top-10-of-the-year lists, but they're movies to get EXCITED about. A few of these will surely be blusters, others will be home runs, but these are the kind of flicks worth lining up to see on opening day because they could go either way. And that's what makes them anticipated. That, and, of course, the stars, directors and properties involved.


10.) 22 Jump Street: 21 Jump Street was absolutely one of the biggest surprises of 2012. It was off the wall funny and this sequel, now set in college instead of high school, looks to have as many laughs without being Hangover 2 lame.

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9.) The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Sure, the first one wasn't all that special. But it's Spider-Man, and thus, impossible to not be incredibly excited to see the web slinger on the silver screen again.


8.) Inherent Vice: It's Paul Thomas Anderson with a Joaquin Phoenix starring detective movie. Is there more you need to know?


7.) Fury: End of Watch directed by David Ayer starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena was quietly one of the best movies of 2012. The in-your-face director is back with a WWII era movie in 2014 starring Brad Pitt. Sounds like a winning combo. The supporting cast of Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman ain't bad either.

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6.) Big Hero 6: This is an animated movie from Marvel and Disney about a talented inventor who recruits a group of people to become superheroes and save the world. With how good some of these last flicks from Disney have been, this could easily be an animated version of The Avengers with the same quality you've come to expect from films like Frozen and Tangled.


5.) The Grand Budapest Hotel: With Wes Anderson directing, this is probably the closet thing you have to a "sure thing" in 2014. The cast is also spectacular and the trailer is great too.

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4.) Interstellar: It's Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight and Inception, doing a time traveling space epic with Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain. There is no way this is anything but amazing.

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3.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier: You take a beloved Marvel character that's already been developed over two different movies and drop him into a Washington D.C. based government thriller? Sign everybody up. From the footage that has been shown, it looks like Jason Bourne meets 24 meets The Avengers. Sold.

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2.) Gone Girl: This flick is based off one of the best novels written in the last five years and has David Fincher directing. Add Ben Affleck as the lead and Neil Patrick Harris in a dramatic role, and you'll have a whole lot of people eagerly awaiting this.


1.) Guardians of the Galaxy: This obscure Marvel property is a combination of deep space and super heroes, meaning it could easily turn into Star Wars for the 2014 generation. The film, led by the most likable man in Hollywood, Chris Pratt, has every indication of being funny, epic and just the right amount of weird. Plus, Bradley Cooper is voicing a machine-gun flinging raccoon. That alone is worth the price of admission.