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'The Flash' First Look Teaser Trailer Drops

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Warner Bros. has unleashed a quick sneak peek of The Flash at its DC Fandome event today, which stars Ezra Miller as the scarlet speedster and spans time and multiple universes. The concept should be a lot of fun, with two heavy hitters playing different versions of Batman officially confirmed. Michael Keaton will be returning to the role, last played 30 years ago in Batman Returns, as will Ben Affleck, who hasn't suited up since Justice League in 2017. 

“We’re very excited to show you the movie,” Miller said at the event. “We wanted to show you a teaser but we can’t because we don’t have enough material yet. But we do have this small sneak peek.”

The Flash is due out next year on Nov. 4 and comes from It and It: Chapter 2 director Andy Muschietti. Rounding out the cast is Kiersey Clemons, who plays Iris West, and Sasha Calle, who plays Supergirl.