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The Case For Buying Music On iTunes Instead Of Using Spotify

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A lot of people are going to disagree with this, but ditching your Spotify account and buying music exclusively through iTunes is the way to do it. Here are a few reasons why.

-- With Spotify, you're lost in a sea of almost every song ever created. You can try songs and albums out, but if you don't instantly fall in love with something, you're almost always on to the next thing. Why? Because it's free, easy, and practically infinite. When you buy an album on iTunes, you're married to it. It stays in your library, you're financially committed to it, and you give it more of a shot. How many times growing up, pre-digital music, did you not like an album at first only to fall in love with it eventually? That's missing with Spotify.

-- Instead of spending around $10/month for Spotify Premium, spend around $10/month on iTunes to buy and purchase one album. Listen to that album to death. Love that album. Know every word to every song, the track list, and the cover art. That's how it used to be back in the day, and it's a lost art when you hit "Shuffle Play" on some random playlist a dude from your high school came up with. You're less intimate with your music on Spotify.

-- The iTunes store is significantly better for searching and exploring new music than Spotify. It's a blast to look through everything and when you have given yourself a self-imposed allowance of one new album a month, you're REALLY being careful about your purchase. It becomes FUN.

-- Your music library is better curated, because you really just have the best of the best. There aren't random songs, playlists, and albums floating around that you're not incredibly familiar with.

-- You own the music and don't have to worry about dealing with "offline play" or not having enough LTE reception to have the song come through uninterrupted.

That's it. Pretty simple. Some people will definitely think this is crazy and an ancient way to look at digital music, but some people might get a lot out of it. Restriction can be a good thing.