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The 5 New TV Shows Every Guy Should Check Out This Fall

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It's just about fall 2014, which means dozens of new shoes will be hitting the tube but only a few will be worth watching. Skip the Katherine Heigel-led Homeland-ripoff State Of Affairs and set your DVR's to the following instead...

Kingdom (Direct TV): Even if you have no real interest in MMA, you gotta admit this show looks pretty excellent. It stars Frank Grillo (you might remember him from the latest Captain America) as a gym owner and trainer. Looks a lot like Friday Night Lights but with MMA instead of football, partially thanks to FNL-alum Matt Lauria, who is a freaking fantastic actor, playing one of the supporting characters.

The Flash (CW): Sure, it's on The CW, but for anyone who has been scoping out Arrow on the same channel over the last two years, you'll know the network is pumping out the best superhero content that's ever been on TV. The Flash spins off of Arrow in the same "DC Comics TV universe" and stars one of the dudes from Glee as the scarlet speedster. He's quite charming and charismatic in the roll and the show should be a whole lot of fun.


Battle Creek (CBS): We know little about this show besides the fact that Vince Gillian, mastermind of Breaking Bad, is the creative force behind it. With his track record, that alone makes it worth tuning in for. No trailer yet, but we'll update this post whenever they decide to drop it online.

Gotham (Fox): The whole tween Bruce Wayne/Batman prequel thing might seem a little unsettling, but the show is primary focused around Detective James Gordon and his ass kicking on the mean streets of Gotham. It stars Ben McKenzie as Gordon, who was absolutely excellent in the underrated Southland, and Donal Logue, one of the best character actors working in television. It's also helmed by the guy who made HBO's Rome happen, so you got a whole lot of A+ ingredients mixed in with some seriously fantastic Batman lore. Should be great.

Houdini (History): It's a miniseries starring Academy Award winner Adrien Brody as the infamous magician Harry Houdini and chronicles his life, career, and how he pulled off some of his mind blowing illusions. How can this not be good?