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The 20 Coolest Athletes Of All Time

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What athletes were the coolest of all time? When you take on and off the field into consideration, we feel these 20 are the ones...

20.) Henrik Lundqvist: This NHL goalkeeper has the kind of off-the-field style that James Bond would be jealous of. More athletes should take note.

19.) Joe Montana: They called him "Joe Cool" for a reason. Graceful under pressure, talented as can be, and winner of FOUR Super Bowls. Not a bad resume.

18.) Willy Mays: Always hustling and always smiling like nobody's business, he was pure joy on and off the field. A true five-tool player.

17.) Arnold Palmer: A legend in the game of golf with the kind of style that's still worth stealing years later. Also, a mean summer-time beverage.

16.) Tony Hawk: In the early 2000's, Tony Hawk was the biggest star in sports. The video games, the X-Games, the charitable efforts, he was and is THE MAN.

15.) Pele: One of the coolest guys to ever play soccer. Minus a few too many Subway commercials during the 2014 World Cup, he's done everything right.

14.) Ricky Henderson: Fast as hell, stole more bases than anyone else in baseball, talked about himself in the third person, and had a level of confidence that was unmatched. Pure swagger.

13.) Tom Brady: He was a late drafted nobody everybody thought was going to be a mediocre back up QB but proved them all wrong and will go down as one of the greatest who ever played the position. Off the field, he always had class and style, and married one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world, Gisele Bündchen.

12.) Magic Johnson: An all-time great, he was the most graceful 6-foot-9 person to ever walk the Earth. Plus, he always had a huge smile, even after testing positive for HIV. The man.

11.) Mario Andretti: He took on Formula One, IndyCar, and NASCAR and won them all. He IS racing.

10.) Roger Federer: The perfect combination of on the court skill and off the court style. This guy makes you want to play tennis.

9.) Derek Jeter: The fact that everybody outside of New York hates the Yankees but loves and respects Derek Jeter is proof what a cool and good guy he is. Add to the equation his playboy antics off the field (he's the only one giving Leo DiCaprio a run for his money) and it all adds up to one of the coolest dudes to every play pro sports.

8.) Joe DiMaggio: He had a 56 game hitting streak, three MVP trophies, and bagged Marilyn Monroe off the field like it was no big deal.

7.) Bo Jackson: A once in a generation athletic specimen, he played in both the NFL and the MLB at the same time. And he was an ALL-STAR in both. Unreal.

6.) Andre Agassi: The hair, the headbands, the style, the skill. All of it combined to making tennis surge worldwide.

5.) David Beckham: Style, swagger, and one hell of an athlete. With a passion for luxury goods, looking good, and having pretty much the perfect family, few can come close to Mr. Beckham in the cool factor.

4.) Ken Griffey Jr: He had the most visually stunning swing in baseball history, rocked a backwards hat that inspired every kid in the 90's to do the same, and was as cool as Steve McQueen at the pinnacle of his career.

3.) Michael Jordan: His on-court swagger will forever go unmatched. You know him, you love him, you love Space Jam even more---he's an easy addition to this list.

2.) Evel Knievel: The dude took on the most insane things ever and became a celebrity because of it. To think of the success he's had and how NOBODY has ever even came close to repeating it is wild. No fear. And those outfits? Pure confidence.

1.) Muhammad Ali: During his prime, this dude was more famous than Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Denzel Washington in 2014 combined. An absolute legend with the kind of charisma that you see once a century from someone with his natural talent.