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The 10 Greatest TV Shows Every Guy Should Watch

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It's summer, you've got a little more free time than usual, and most TV shows are on hiatus until September. So instead of flicking through Netflix mindlessly trying to find something decent to watch, scope out one or two of these favorites. You'll love every single one.


Friday Night Lights: Once you get over the small town feel and heavy southern accents, you get to the core of a show that's about family and community much more than it is about football. One of the best, if not THE best TV show ever made. On Netflix.


The Shield: This is a hardcore crime show about dirty cops in Los Angeles and it has the GREATEST final season ever. The ending is just incredible. On Amazon Instant and Hulu Plus.


The Wire: This is the kind of show that will suck you in like a good novel and will change the way you think about things like politics, inner-city crime, and public education. The fourth season, which focuses on a middle school in a drug ridden part of Baltimore is both heartbreaking and beautiful. A must watch. On HBO Go and Amazon Instant.


Breaking Bad: Behind the drugs and the grime you might think this show is all about, is a series that's equal parts western, caper, action, and crime. Brilliant performances and brilliant writing easily make this an all-timer. On Netflix.


Terriers: It only lasted one 13-epsidoe season, but wow, was that season incredible. It focuses on two small-time private defectives in the San Diego area and is funny, powerful, exciting, and just plain awesome. You won't meet a person on the planet, TV critic or regular Joe, who has anything bad to say about this show. On Netflix.


Chuck: This isn't Emmy-winning material, but it's easily one of the funniest action/comedy shows ever made. The show is focused around a brilliant but down-and-out geek who accidentally downloads a government super computer into his brain. He has to work with a team of CSI and NSA officers to take on terrorists and other bad dudes and it's truly just a blast to watch. Lighthearted and fun at its best. On Netflix.


24: Keifer Sutherland is a tour-de-force as Jack Bauer on probably the most addicting TV show ever created. If you like geo-political stuff and ass kicking, you'll love this show. On Netflix.

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The Good Wife: If you're like most guys, you probably think this show is nothing but girly affairs and boring soap opera stuff. Sure, there's a little bit of that, but it also has some of the best legal and political stuff ever shot for television. You'll get REALLY into it and it's only getting better, the last season was just magic. On Amazon Instant and Hulu Plus.


Parenthood: A sappy family drama set in Barkley, California? Doesn't sound that exciting. But it has an incredible amount of heart and a very realistic look at what it means to be a parent, son, daughter, sister, brother and grandparent. You'll love it unless your soul is completely black. On Netflix.


Game Of Thrones: Yeah, you know this one already. Watch it. It's amazing. You'll become obsessed like the rest of the internet. On HBO Go.