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The 10 Coolest Movie Characters In Film History

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As a kid, and even as an adult, us dudes always look up to (at least a little bit) the swaggering kings of cool in movies. The ones who play it fast and loose, take chances, save the girl, fire first, and ask questions later. Without further ado, here are the top 10...


10.) Driver, Drive: He was a loose cannon, could get real serious with a shotgun or hammer, and had no problem showing up Vin Diesel in the Fast & The Furious franchise. Mario Andretti would be jealous of his skills behind the wheel.


9.) Captain James Kirk, Star Trek: Brash, overly confident, not scared to throw a punch, and natural leader. He's the kind of guy that every other man likes to think he's sort of like, but few even come close.

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8.) Jim Stark, Rebel Without A Cause: Looked cool as hell, was early inspiration for the likes of current A-listers like James Franco, and played chicken with a cliff in a stolen car. We can get behind that.


7.) John McClane, Die Hard: Had a thing for catch phrases and kicking some serious ass.

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6.) Marty McFly, Back To The Future: Had a sweet pair of Nike high tops, was pretty Tony Hawk-esque on a skateboard, could jam on a guitar like nobody's business, and had the kind of confidence most high school kids can only dream of.


5.) Danny Ocean: Ocean's 11: Every guy has day-dreamed about planning a heist and robbing a high-security casino, but to do so with the kind of handsomeness and style of Danny Ocean would be the ultimate.


4.) Star-Lord, Guardians Of The Galaxy: Any dude who insists on people calling himself "Star-Lord" is already pretty awesome, but you add in his humor, the heroism, and his desire to do both a little bit of good and a little bit of bad, and you have a character who is going to go down in history as an all-timer.

3.) James Bond, Dr. No: An obvious choice, sure, but Sean Connery's James Bond set the standard in international men of mystery. The tuxedoes, the constant flow of beautiful women, the dangerous situations and the impressive gadgets are all things to admire.

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2.) Tony Stark, Iron Man: Having billionaire, genius, philanthropist, playboy, and super-hero on your business card is enough to land you on this list, but the quips and extreme confidence is what pushes him towards the top.


1.) Han Solo, Star Wars: Self-assertive, risk-taker, confident, bold, daring, heroic. You could go on and on with Mr. Solo, the man who got the girl, had the greatest movie line in history ("I love you." - "I know.") and could fly a ship like a legend. He was/is the man and definitely the coolest movie character of all time.