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Sponsored Post: CNBC's 'Money Talks' Is A Whole Lot Of High Stakes Fun

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Money Talks is a new CNBC show that starts airing on Wednesday, March 19 at 10PM ET/PT. It follow Steve Stevens, a sports handicapper who runs VIP sports out of Las Vegas. His job? Sell his picks to big-time gamblers looking for any kind of edge. It's the kind of show that is all about high risk, high reward, high emotions, and the high life. For most people, the intensity of dropping six figure bets in Las Vegas is just too much, so this show does a good job of allowing you to live vicariously through whales with money to burn. Here's a quick trailer that will give you a little better idea of what the show is all about...

The first episode focuses on Steve and his sales team as they deal with a big client threatening to leave VIP Sports forever if Steve can't deliver on the wins that were promised. On top of it all, he's gotta deal with one of his best sales guys letting the presages of Vegas (think strip clubs, women, parties and booze) get the best of him. Things reach a certain point and it all changes Steve's world. This isn't your typical reality show, it's a little more aggressive and a little more dangerous and all around, just a bit more entertaining.

Finally, here's Steve on gambling:

"Gambling is a trilion dollar industry, everybody out there is making money. Everyone the world, even President Barack Obama has a Sweet 16 bracket even in the White House. Whether they're gambling or better push's the excitement of the whole deal."

This post has been sponsored by CNBC Money Talks, but concerns our own opinion.